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Organisers: Carl Dettmann. E-mail: Carl.Dettmann@bristol.ac.uk; Imre Péter Tóth. E-mail: mogy@math.bme.hu; Sebastian Müller. E-mail: Sebastian.Muller@bristol.ac.uk.

All talks are in room CC012 James France Building. The schedule is available here and abstracts are available here
  • Domokos Szász, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary
    Title: Fourier law from Hamiltonian dynamics
  • Péter Bálint, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary
    Title: Polynomial decay of correlations for billiard flows
  • Maciej Wojtkowski, Arizona, USA
    Title: TBA
  • Carlos Mejia-Monasterio, Technical University of Madrid, Spain
    Title: TBA
  • Leonid Bunimovich, Georgia Tech., USA
    Title: Physical versus mathematical billiards
  • John Smillie, Warwick, UK
    Title: TBA
  • Françoise Pène, Brest, France
    Title: Stochastic properties of the Z^2-periodic Sinai billiard
  • Benoît Saussol, Brest, France
    Title: Spatio-temporal Poisson process for hitting times
  • Crt Lozej, University of Maribor, Slovenia
    Title: Momentum diffusion in the stadium billiard
  • Julian Talbot, Sorbonne Université, France
    Title: TBA
  • André Livorati, Universidade Estadual Paulista, Brazil
    Title: Investigation of Fermi acceleration in a bouncing ball system: Stickiness influence and transition from normal to super diffusion
  • Vitaly Fain, Bristol, UK
    Title: TBA
  • Gianluigi Del Magno, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, Portugal
    Title: TBA
  • José Gaivão, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal
    Title: Dynamics of pinball billiards
  • Thomas Gilbert, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium
    Title: Nonlinear stability of the periodic orbits of four-dimensional symplectic billiard maps
  • Marco Lenci, Università di Bologna, Italy
    Title: Global-local mixing for extended chaotic dynamical systems
  • Arnd Bäecker, Technische Universität Dresden, Germany
    Title: 3D Billiards: visualization of the 4D phase space and power-law trapping of chaotic trajectories
  • Michał Ławniczak, Institute of Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland
    Title: Experimental investigation of short- and long-range spectral fluctuations in microwave networks and billiards
  • Henning Schomerus, Lancaster, UK
    Title: From copropagating modes to complex dispersion arcs in nonhermitian resonator arrays
  • Guilio Casati, Como, Italy
    Title: Exponential localisation in right triangular billiards
  • Jürgen Vollmer, Göttingen, Germany
    Title: TBA
  • George Datseris, Göttingen, Germany
    Title: Applying Kac's Lemma into solid-state nanodevices through billiards
  • Andre Brandstötter, Universität Wien, Austria
    Title: Coherent wave scattering in billiards: time-delay and beyond
  • Chris Lutsko, University of Bristol, UK
    Title: The Lorentz gas: going beyond the Boltzmann-Grad limit