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MS12: Superfluids and turbulence

Organiser: Davide Proment, E-mail: d.proment@uea.ac.uk.

All talks are in room CC013 James France Building. The schedule is available here and abstracts are found here
  • Fabian Maucher, Durham University, UK
    Title: Self-Organization of light in optical media with competing nonlocal nonlinearities
  • Hadi Susanto, University of Essex, UK
    Title: Cherenkov radiations in BECs
  • Simon Gardiner, Durham University, UK
    Title: Imprinting of knotted vortices on atomic superfluids with light and the creation of knotted optical longitudinal polarisation structures
  • Thomas Billam, Newcastle University, UK
    Title: Classical turbulence from quantum vortex dynamics
  • Krzysztof Pawłowski, Center for Theoretical Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland
    Title: Many-body roton in the dipolar gas
  • Hayder Salman, University of East Anglia, UK
    Title: Detecting solitons on quantized superfluid vortices