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MS13: Integrable dynamics

Organisers: Andrew Hone, E-mail: A.N.W.Hone@kent.ac.uk; Vladimir Novikov, E-mail: V.Novikov@lboro.ac.uk.

All talks are in room CC011 James France Building. The schedule is available here
  • Mark Ablowitz, University of Colorado Boulder, USA
    Title: Korteweg-deVries equation with step data and pseudo-embedded eigenvalues
  • Alexey Bolsinov, Loughborough University, UK
    Title: Hamiltonisation of integrable non-holonomic systems
  • Mikhail Feigin, University of Glasgow, UK
    Title: Dunkl angular momenta algebra and Runge-Lenz vector
  • Evgeny Ferapontov, Loughborough University, UK
    Title: Dispersionless Hirota equations and the genus 3 hyperelliptic divisor (based on joint work with Fabien Cléry)
  • Rod Halburd, University College London, UK
    Title: Integrable systems in finite characteristic
  • Derek Harland, University of Leeds, UK
    Title: Dynamics of skyrmions and the spin-orbit force
  • Vincent Knibbeler, Loughborough University, UK
    Title: Automorphic lie algebras from cocycle
  • James Montaldi, University of Manchester, UK
    Title: Integrable dynamics of an n-dimensional axisymmetric rigid body subject to a Veselova constraint
  • Frank Nijhoff, University of Leeds, UK
    Title: Multi-time discrete and continuous Lagrangian dynamics and integrability
  • Giovanni Rastelli, University of Torino, Italy
    Title: Twisted products of Hamiltonians: from complete separation to block-separation
  • Martin Speight, University of Leeds, UK
    Title: Geometry of vortex moduli spaces
  • Ian Strachan, University of Glasgow, UK
    Title: Towards modified Camassa-Holm equations
  • Alexander Veselov, Loughborough University, UK
    Title: Von Karman vortex streets and solitons
  • Raffaelle Vitolo, Universitá del Salento, Italy
    Title: Projective-geometric aspects of WDVV equations