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MS21: Dynamics of active matter

Organisers: Andrew Archer, E-mail: A.J.Archer@lboro.ac.uk; Tapio Ala-Nissilä, E-mail: T.Ala-Nissila@lboro.ac.uk.

All talks are in room J104 Edward Herbert Building. The schedule is available here
  • Oliver Bäumchen, MPIDS Göttingen, Germany
    Title: Microswimmers interacting with Interfaces - From Single Cells to Collective Effects
  • Anupam Sengupta, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
    Title: A bug's Life: Can microbes thrive in fluctuating environments?
  • Christophe Ybert, University Lyon, France
    Title: Active matter in motion: from clusters dynamics to Kolmogorovian turbulence.
  • Holger Stark, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
    Title: Emergent collective motion of microswimmers: Role of hydrodynamics and chemotactic fields
  • Gerhard Gompper, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany
    Title: Active polymers and filaments -- from single-particle dynamics to collective behavior
  • Thomas Powers, Brown University, USA
    Title: Swimming microorganisms in passive and active liquid crystals
  • Tyler Shendruk, Loughborough University, UK
    Title: Quasi-particle model of topological defects in confined active nematics
  • Fabio Marchesoni, Camerino, Italy
    Title: Hydrodynamic and entropic effects in corrugated channels
  • Marco Mazza, Loughborough University, UK
    Title: Dynamic heterogeneities in active swimmers