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MS6: Random dynamical systems

Organisers: Martin Rasmussen, E-mail: m.rasmussen@imperial.ac.uk; Jeroen Lamb, E-mail: jsw.lamb@imperial.ac.uk; Maximilian Engel, E-mail: maximilian.engel13@imperial.ac.uk.

Each talk is 25 minutes.

Ergodic Theory and Extreme Value Theory

  • Jorge Freitas, Porto, Portugal
    Title: TBA
  • Stefano Galatolo, Pisa, Italy
    Title: TBA
  • Matthew Nicol, Houston, USA
    Title: TBA
  • Jerome Rousseau, Salvador, Brazil
    Title: TBA

Random Dynamical Systems

  • Alex Blumenthal, Maryland, USA
    Title: TBA
  • Maximilian Engel, Munich, Germany
    Title: TBA
  • Christian Kuehn, Munich, Germany
    Title: TBA
  • Zeng Lian, Sichuan, China
    Title: TBA

Low-dimensional Random Dynamical Systems

  • Ale Jan Homburg, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Title: TBA
  • Dominique Malicet, Paris, France
    Title: TBA
  • Julian Newman, Lancaster, UK
    Title: TBA
  • Alexey Okunev, Moscow, Russia
    Title: TBA

Stochastic Differential Equations

  • Anna Maria Cherubini, Lecce, Italy
    Title: TBA
  • Thai Son Doan, Hanoi, Vietnam
    Title: TBA
  • Davide Faranda, Versailles, France
    Title: TBA
  • Xue-Mei Li, Imperial College, UK
    Title: TBA